president elect

January 6, 2009


He’s nearly there…


7 Responses to “president elect”

  1. Oscar Grillo Says:

    I am more scared of this guy than I was of Bush…Do you remember when we voted for Blair because we believed he walked on water? Don’t give a sucker an even break!

    • sharrock Says:

      Oooooh Oscar, you are such a cynic…just like me! I was no supporter of Blair (I am too left wing for that!). Unlike the current Pres, Obama can at least read, and appears to have read the Geneva Convention..
      I like Catherine Whitehorn’s quote on politicians:

      “It’s a pity, as my husband says, that more politicians are not bastards by birth instead of vocation.”


  2. Oscar Grillo Says:

    I always remember a phrase overheard in a cafe in Buenos Aires in early sixties: “The word says it all: P.O.L.I.T.I.C.S!”
    I believe that now I begin understand what that guy tried to say.

  3. Oscar Grillo Says:

    Now you can draw the picture of Blair, Howard and Uribe receiving the medal in the white house. A similar or more repugnant situation as the one of Kissinger receiving the Nobel prize.

  4. sharrock Says:

    In Private Eye it says the reason for the delay in giving Blur his medal (he was awarded it in 2003) was that he wanted to design it himself and it was thought tooooo tacky. As for Kissinger- his Nobel brought about the untimely end of Tom Lehrer’s career!

  5. Oscar Grillo Says:

    Blair as a medal designer? Shudder at the thought!!
    -I am waiting with anxiety your next posting. Don’t be neglectful, Sharrock!

  6. sharrock Says:

    Apologies maestro…! I have been verrrrrry busy elsewhere (in the so called real world!). Check The Spectator on Friday to see…more posts are on their way! Hope you are not neglecting to draw every moment!

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