john updike 1932-2009

January 28, 2009



6 Responses to “john updike 1932-2009”

  1. peter bailey Says:

    Chris, Excellent new pics…….Updike and brilliant Huxley.
    You are on a roll, man. All the other thematic bits and pieces are a revalation too. Well done old boy!

  2. sharrock Says:

    Peter, you are toooooo kind! But thank you! I am (re)learning the joy of drawing every day!

  3. oscar grillo Says:

    Buenos dias, Sharrock. Pase por el blog varias veces para admirar este dibujo pero no deje nada escrito. Ahora si lo hago. Un abrazo.

  4. sharrock Says:


    I struggle to think and write in English, Oscar! Spanish is beyond me! But thanks anyway! 😉

  5. oscar grillo Says:

    Go here:
    paste the text in the rectangle on the left, click in the corresponding flags and everything would be revealed.

  6. sharrock Says:

    Thanks for the link Oscar! Now I now what you were saying!…Hugs to you too! But, erm, will all future comments be in Spanish? Is this a hint to me that I must extend my range of language skills? I better brush up my inglitch first!

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