benjamin netanyahu

February 7, 2009



3 Responses to “benjamin netanyahu”

  1. Oscar Grillo Says:

    I was trying to write an invective against “Bibi” but I could not insult such a beautiful drawing…..

  2. sharrock Says:

    Thank you Oscar! I am no friend of Bibi’s either (just practising in case I have to do him!) Don’t let me rain on your tirade!

  3. Hello!
    Today I searched Google for Netanyahu Caricatures and found yours. I liked it so much I used it as guide for a cartoon of my own. I have no publisher: just a very tiny following of friends. This particular cartoon was very different for me in a number of ways. I wish I could attach it here … perhaps I can but do not know how.

    I would be delighted if you viewed my work. It is, I think, unique in style and while sometimes simple in appearance, very deceptively so…

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