tzipi livni

February 12, 2009


If not Bibi, then Tzipi? Crazy names, crazy guys…

This is my first drawing of Tzipi.  When I was hired by Spitting Image it was under the illusion that I was ace at caricaturing women- unlike most caricaturists.  I soon corrected their misunderstanding by doing a deathly drawing of Madonna (then in her ‘Like a Virgin’ phase) mostly because I was caricaturing the (very heavy) make up  rather than the bone structure underneath. The make up- as it was designed to do- defeated my eyes and my brain…


4 Responses to “tzipi livni”

  1. Oscar Grillo Says:

    Amazing drawing, Chris!!

  2. Oscar Grillo Says:

    Ahh…It is true that caricatures of women are near impossible. On spite of that my mate Hermenegildo Sábat has done an outstanding caricature of Marilyn Monroe retaining her glamour and sex appeal. Just fabulous.
    Pablo Bach may have mentioned Sábat to you.

  3. sharrock Says:

    Oscar, you are too kind…you make me blush! I know of Sabat from you! (I think I know the drawing you mean. He is good!) You wrote that article in Direction magazine about him and Nine- I still have it! Where is Pablo? We had a Spitting Image little get-together before Christmas…he was mentioned but absent.

  4. Oscar Grillo Says:

    I’ve lost Pablo’s tracks many years ago. I am afraid that things could have gone the way of “Lost Weekend” but if you need to talk about it may be better by e-mail.

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