ehud barak

March 26, 2009




6 Responses to “ehud barak”

  1. Oscar Grillo Says:

    Jezz…We’re does Israel find their politicians?

  2. sharrock Says:

    Was it Jefferson who said people get the government they deserve? When I was drawing Barak I kept seeing flashes of sausage meat being forced into casings, or forced marrows…

  3. Oscar Grillo Says:

    Yesterday I saw the comedy “Divine Intervention” by the Palestinian Elia Suleiman. Wonderful!…If you never seen it, you can view or download it complete here. HIGLY RECCOMENDED!!

  4. sharrock Says:

    Hi Oscar, thanks for the tip…just finished a few rush jobs so I haven’t been able to blog. I checked out the film. Great! It’s very European/French in its approach..quite absurd…M. Hulot in Israel…the kind of film Andre Fran├žois might have made if he made films. The only downside was the screen resolution..too rough for these old eyes! But thanks for recommending it!

  5. Oscar Grillo Says:

    It is easy to find in HMV for a fiver.

  6. sharrock Says:

    A fiver? That is far too little for a work of such value! I insist on paying more!

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