spy- my mouth is quiet but my mind is noisy

April 24, 2009


front- as it came folded in the post



This is the edition of Spy that gave its name to the retrospective exhibition and catalogue organised by John’s widow and designed by Mark Harris and Rory Snookes.


2 Responses to “spy- my mouth is quiet but my mind is noisy”

  1. Oscar Grillo Says:

    Truly wonderful!…These kids in Argentina publish now something in the same spirit:

  2. sharrock Says:

    Oscar…. thanks, on behalf of the late, great John. And thanks for the link. I have spent the last few days exploring the websites and all of the offshoot links…sooo many! One of which seems to be yet another of your blogs!!

    How can you manage to produce so many blogs? Just how many Oscar Grillos are there? Surely there can only be the one, true Oscar? Are you now like Mick Brownfield? A franchise? (But a good one- not like McDo or KFC!)

    Seriously , I was impressed by the amount of stuff that website had- never mind the links they listed! It is very reassuring to see that there are so many people with such an appetite for drawing/creating…makes me want to try harder so I can get up to their level.

    South America seems to generate a population with such a passion for life and art…poor me..I am a cold Brit..but I can warm myself by their fire! Thanks again!

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