the right honourable member for lilliput

June 4, 2009






5 Responses to “the right honourable member for lilliput”

  1. Oscar Grillo Says:

    I hate her more than I hate Thatcher. Maggie didn’t disguise herself as a populist and wasn’t as corrupt as this “B-lie-erette” gnome.

  2. sharrock Says:

    She is more repulsive to listen to than to look at (by the way, having had to look at quite a few pics of her to draw her, I believe she has had some sort of plastic surgery that didn’t work…her face has changed quite a bit about the eyes….).

    The whole attitude of politicians to the public is deeply depressing…they think we are stupid…and we are if we vote for them! I read that many recent votes were ‘spoilt’, not by irreverent writing, but irreverent drawings! Oscar…are you eligible to vote here? 😉

  3. Oscar Grillo Says:

    She has graced the news today saying that she was sorry foe EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Oscar Grillo Says:

    Yes…I have been a British citizen for about fifteen years.

  5. sharrock Says:

    She must hold us and her constituents in such contempt to think we are so stupid as to share in her crocodile tears…it is just fear of the no confidence vote!

    So, if you are able to vote, are you responsible for the obscene drawings left on ballot papers? The report didn’t say how well drawn they were. Yours would be excellently observed, I am sure!

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