conan o’brien

June 21, 2009




7 Responses to “conan o’brien”

  1. Oscar Grillo Says:

    Another masterly drawing.

  2. sharrock Says:

    Thanks, Oscar! One day I’ll be nearly as good as you!

    I see you met up with the Quays. How are the doing?

  3. Oscar Grillo Says:

    Preparing another feature and working on a short. I told them that I hope the feature will be a musical comedy with “picaresque” overtones.
    Ah!..The feature will be shot in Poland, in Polish.

  4. Oscar Grillo Says:

    Chris, I’ve found a lot of your drawings in my sketch books of the late eighties.

  5. sharrock Says:

    !!!! Sorry if I lowered the tone of your sketchbooks!!!! I wish I could find some of your drawings in my sketchbooks 😉

    Can you scan a few of them and email them to me please? Please don’t post them on your blog! (Unless they are really good!!!)

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