theresa may

November 26, 2010


8 Responses to “theresa may”

  1. neurobonkers Says:

    Hi there fab artwork, are you the author? May I please use this is an article about on my blog please?

    • sharrock Says:

      Hi, thanks for the compliment. If that’s your personal blog and not a commercial enterprise then, yes you can use it as long as you give me a credit (and a link back to this website would be appreciated). Cheers.

      • neurobonkers Says:

        Thanks Sharrock, yes I write entirely for fun. Here is a link to the article I used your caricature of Cameron as well, I hope that’s OK.

        I provide a copy of selected posts to my university student union newspaper. (The paper is also free and not for profit). May they use your work as well? I can send you print copy if you wish!



  2. sharrock Says:


    Thanks for sending me the link. Which university is it?



    • neurobonkers Says:

      It’s the University of The West of England, the paper is called the WesternEye. Would that be alright?


      PS: If you feel like doing a caricature of Rupert Murdoch anytime I’m sure it would go down a treat with the news at the moment!

  3. christopher sharrock Says:

    I am fine with them going into WesternEye. I don’t know if I could bear looking at The Dirty Digger’s ugly mug long enough to draw him!


  4. Mr. Captoon Says:

    Hi christopher sharrock,

    Are you interested in doing Image exchange with us as we also deals in Caricature and your website more useful.

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