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sean hannity

August 1, 2009



His name rhymes with insanity…

His is the voice on the satnav that keeps saying “Turn right! Turn right!”




frankie goes to hollywood

November 7, 2008


This is a photo of the shooting of the first video for ‘Relax’ by Frankie Goes To Hollywood. It was taken in the Hope and Anchor pub in London. That’s Paul Rutherford in the foreground and I think that’s Holly’s bottom sticking out.  I could be wrong… I was never that well-acquainted  with Holly’s bottom. I seem to recall that the night before the recording, Holly and Paul stayed in the house I then shared with Yvonne Gilbert and her late husband David (who may have taken this photo) in Norbiton (the cousin of Surbiton) in Kingston-on Thames. They went up on the commuter train to London in these clothes at 8.00am. Holly later said several of the bowler-hatted commuters had very stiff umbrellas that morning.

The video was never broadcast as far as I am aware (although I think Yvonne may have a copy of the video).

NB this should really be in the section on the left marked “Not illustration or education (although you could say it was a both illustrative and educational) but the blogging software won’t let me put it there….