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unadopted stamp designs

May 8, 2009

Once upon a time there was a weekly magazine called Campaign, serving the advertising industry. In the early 1980s it began to occasionally have another magazine inserted in it called Direction. This was more about design than advertising (although it included both) and it used to feature the work of illustrators and animators quite a lot. Eventually it began to be published independently of Campaign. And then, after a time, it was closed. Campaign is still going, and so is Creative Review. But I always thought the spirit of Direction was better. I knew the small group of writers that produced it and they were good fun to be around. Paul Quarry (now in advertising, I think, or possibly drumming in a band: he is surprisingly shy about his current whereabouts) was the editor. Tim Kirby (now a producer/director at the BBC) was on the staff, as were Jim Davies, now a freelance writer on design and Stephen Moss, who writes daft, tongue in cheek pieces for The Guardian on cricket, bird watching or what to wear when attending pop festivals.

I featured in the magazine often, due to the cut of my trousers or the cutting edge of my tongue. I wrote a number of articles for it and I found this one yesterday while sorting through some old boxes off stuff. I thought it was worth posting here since, as far as I am aware, there is no online archive of the magazine, and these stamp designs hadn’t been seen publicly before I wrote about them and probably won’t be seen again. They are locked up in the Royal Mail archive and when the part privatisation occurs, they will probably ‘disappear’…. as did several valuable Penny Black stamps which were meant to be in the archive when I was writing this article. These stamps had, allegedly, been secretly sold by a senior member of the archive staff at auction and replaced in the collection with photocopies…

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