christopher sharrock

November 2, 2008

Possibly the World’s Best Dressed Illustrator?

I will be posting illustrations and other stuff here regularly, so keep popping by…

Mitch McConnell

November 6, 2014

mitch 3

‘We know what to do about the economy, we know what to do about health care problems, we know what to do about gun control, about climate change. NOTHING! It’s the government’s job to get out of the way… and let the rich piss on the poor.’

Russell Brand

October 30, 2014

russellbrand 72dpi

Our Glorious (new) Leader?

October 13, 2014
O brave new world, that hath such people in't!

O brave new world, that hath such people in’t!

John Kerry

October 3, 2014


Neil Gaiman

October 3, 2014

Neil Gaiman

In spite of his popularity (and success!) there aren’t that many good caricatures of Mr. Gaiman out there. So I thought I would have a go. After all, he did dedicate one of his books to me (OK, and two other people …).

andrew lansley on nhs reform

January 19, 2011


Andrew Lansley unveils the new logo for his reformed NHS

david bowie

January 9, 2011


jeff goldblum

January 7, 2011


julia gillard

December 12, 2010


ed balls

December 6, 2010



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