christopher sharrock

November 2, 2008

Possibly the World’s Best Dressed Illustrator?

I will be posting illustrations and other stuff here regularly, so keep popping by…

(F)lying Flynn

February 14, 2017

img_0478Going so soon? Didn’t wanna Russia! (geddit?)

Steve Bannon, King of the Trolls?

November 30, 2016


Lieutenant General Michael Flynn (WIP)

November 20, 2016


Boris Johnson

November 6, 2016


Quick sketch of Theresa May

October 31, 2016


Donald Trump

October 26, 2016


Peter Lorre

August 9, 2016


Rand Paul

October 8, 2015


The desperate look of He Who Will Not Be Obeyed… or Elected.
“Senator Rand Paul is a big fan of fiction,” said Sergio Gor, a spokesman for the Paul campaign. Nuff said.

Scott Walker, Lord of Misrule

July 14, 2015


Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin would like to cut funding for education so that everyone can be a stupid as him. Then, and only then, he might get elected as the next President of the United States.

Andy Burnham

May 28, 2015


He has his eye (and his eye-liner) on being the next leader of the Labour Party.